make your own cement for
leaded stained glass panels.

a real tried and true stained glass cement,
with the quality you want, at a price that works.

   whether you call it cement, caulk, packing, grout, putty, glazing, mud, or simply too expensive, you want and need a recipe to make your own.
   i used 'inland cement' when it first came out, way back when. it was a very good and simple to use product that results in strong stained glass panels with a nice lead patina. apparently, it's no longer being made and what stock i found available, was going from $80 to over $100 a gallon. ridiculous.
   sometime in 1991, i decided to create a similar quality product myself. after tweaking with ingredients, i found what i believe to be a very comparable product. low cost and easy to make, i have been using it problem free ever since.
   this recipe creates a mud product that cures hard, yet pliable. it does not crack, shrink, or fall out after time. it simply works.

the benefits of my cement:
a dramatic decrease in cost. there are pre-mixed cements available, but the costs are very high. tag on shipping/hazard charges and you will be paying far too much. the cost to make my cement is around $9 per gallon, more or less, depending on local area ingredient costs.
no more running out of cement and having to wait for the costly new cement order to arrive. the readily available ingredients for my cement are easily stored and on hand to make fresh cement whenever you need it. your local big hardware stores carry all the ingredients. make as much or as little as you need. you no longer have to buy many little tubs or deal with big awkward cans.
no more worries if your on-hand cement gets hard from non-use. toss it out, it's cheap enough to make more.
no more of that messy spillage you get from trying to remix the pre-made cement, that usually sits at the bottom of the can like a rock, during shipping and/or standing.

ok, so what's the catch?
  no catch. i offer the recipe for less than 15% the cost of buying just one more gallon of ready-made cement and even less than the price of the 1 pound pre-mixed tub.

but wait, there's more!
  what good is a recipe without complete and detailed instructions on the mixing, coloration, application, and storage of this cement? follow the steps to perfectly clean and well cemented stained glass panels, done easily and inexpensively.

so now how much would you pay?
  for only $9, you will receive the recipe, detailed instructions, and all the information you need to know about this cement. how it's made, used, stored, and more. you will not be disappointed.

this cement is not designed for mosaics.
it is for leaded stained glass panel application only.

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