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picture gallery - art glass imagery
bevel cluster panels - elegant bevel panels, yet lower cost.
custom bevels - for those with a discriminating taste.
bird themed panels - glass depiction of birdage.
traditional design - older fashion, yet never out of style.
contemporary design - modern designs for a modern lifestyle.
custom designed - one of a kind design for one of a kind homes.
cabinet panels - turn ordinary cabinet doors into art.
floral and plant life - like having flowers everyday.
frank lloyd wright style - elegantly simple, deceptively complex.
underwater reef scenes - undersea life, right in your window.
religious themed panels - colorful and symbolic display of faith.
of the sea - nautical themes.
tiffany style - classic. period.
glass boxes and trays - for all your trinkety needs.
pyramids and zen gardens - align your inner you.
lighting - unique custom ambient lighting.
    foundlings - found glassery becomes lighting.
older works - way back stuff from the 70's-90's.
    doors and door panels
bevel door panels
bevel panels
other panels
    smaller panels
flw - frank lloyd wright style
flora - flowery themed panels.
fauna - animal themed items.
boxes - and terrariums
trinkety items
etched items
miscellaneous - land of the misfit pieces.
  repair - fix your broken stained glass.
    repaired - several of the many completed repairs.
  alteration - new life for out of place stained glass.
old frame - new life for old stained glass buried in old frames.
quality - not all art glass is created equally.
metal or fiberglass doors - add art glass to your existing door.
safety glass - why bother?
cleaning - spruce up your current art glass.
crating/packing - store or move your art glass to a new location.
  items for sale - for less.
stained glass cement - low cost mud for the masses.
contact mike - question? comment? suggestion?
testimonials - sometimes people write nice things.
f.a.q. - i answer your questions and you question my answers.
about me - don't wait for the movie.
distractions - avoiding real work.
front page - once again from the beginning.
  cabinet door modification - making old doors new again.
lead work - building a leaded panel.
cementing - the final process in a leaded glass panel.
inserts - installing an art glass panel into a metal/fiberglass door.
crating - packing, storing, and/or shipping art glass panels.
  stained glass overlay - plastic appliqué fakery.
impact glass - mandating the impossible for profit.
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