people type nice things...

Mike, you are terrific and we are so very pleased with the door and your art to make it possible ! We had almost given up on our 'project' and YOU made it possible. Glad you took some time to see our stained glass club. Jan mentioned she cannot wait to see the door. thanks again. Hope you got the additional pictures. Have a Merry Christmas and New Year! - Linda Sheldon

Hi Mike This is Jan Hulme, Linda's friend. What a beautiful panel. You did a great job, that was some remodel you had to do. Sometimes we get people come to the club wanting repairs and we referred them to Dale, a local fella that has now retired. We will now refer them to you. It was nice meeting you and if you get back to Sun City, don't hesitate to stop at the club now that you know where we are. Sincerely, Jan Hulme

"Mike did an Awesome job repairing our two Flamingo stained glass windows. He is extremely talented, in addition he offers excellent suggestions. He completed them in a very timely manner. I would highly recommend Mike to everyone. We are grateful to have met him." - Mark Lazart

"hi mike, it was a pleasure working with you, too. I appreciate your patience! I absolutely love the window! john really likes it as well, which says a lot because he usually doesn't pay attention to things like that. I look at it every time I pass it! (yes, I'm easily amused) making windows for more light in here is on the list. I will take more photos and email them to you. thank you and take care. I will refer anyone to you that is interested in having you craft something for them." - Carol Templeton

"Hi Mike, I am a fellow glass artist and was browsing the internet and came across your work. I have to say that your solder work is really, really nice, the best Iíve seen. I pride myself with having good solder seam but yours is fantastic. Do you have a secret or give any information that could help me to achieve such high quality work. Sometimes it is incredibly hard to get the solder to behave which is disappointing since I like to achieve perfection too. I too will critic other glass artists work and am fairly disappointed with the quality that is out there. Even when you browse books at the library, the glass books with images on soldering have some of the most awful work I've ever seen and these folks are educating people on how it is done!" - Mari Dreves, safari stained glass studio 

"Hello. Came across your website when I was looking for bevel cluster shell images and can I say, WOW!! Your work is beautiful. I am just learning the craft and will be moving to Bonita Springs very soon. Man, you guys are talented. Thanks for making my day with your website." - Cheri Miller

"I am your neighbor up the street whose beveled glass and brass chandelier you fixed 18 years ago after I moved into the house. Two panels had gotten cracked when my son's friend stood up underneath it as they were helping me move out of the apartment. You would not accept any payment for your talented services that made it perfect once again. I looked at what you have on your gallery page and it is so beautiful and varied. Your talent is awesome." - Sandra Swartz

"Mike, you did absolutely fabulous work on my broken stained glass window. I am very impressed with your workmanship and attention to the art and detail of stained glass. Thank you so much." - Marcella Zinner

"Some of the best quality work I have ever seen. Really impressed with your designs and talent.  - Cindy Carter, Florida