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  hello, my name is mike straub. one day in 1976, i decided to take on a "hobby". after a bit of looking, i decided to try stained glass. within a couple months, i was doing retail stained glass work in a local studio in colorado. after a year or so, i was manager of the retail shop's wholesale glass production studio.
   i relocated to florida in 1988 and started doing glass on my own. in 2000, i was employed at a local stained glass company where we made many incredible art glass projects. i am proud of the work we did. the company closed it's doors in late 2009.

   the more traditional stuff is nice, but i prefer doing more modern designs. i have work in many private homes and businesses, as well as large installations in multi-million dollar homes in the tampa bay, florida area.

   my work is guaranteed until i can no longer do this or die, which ever comes first. size, fit, materials, and craftsmanship, must all meet my expectations, as well as those of the client. i have a vast portfolio of finished installations. stained glass is no hobby for me. it is serious work that i enjoy.

   beginning 2017, i decided to stop creating new works and will focus my attention on repairs and alterations.
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