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i have items i've made for one reason or another.
lighting, past show pieces, odds, and ends.

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reasonable offers will be considered.

make your own
stained glass cement, grout, putty, glazing, mud.

these panels can be fit into custom doors, newly constructed openings, or installed into free hanging frames.

item 016: $500
size: 23 7/8" x 63 3/4"
two different piece repeat. red water glass with clear baroque, lead channel.

item 015: $450
size: 27 3/8" x 66 7/8"
1" clear bevels and 2" peach bevels, all copper channel.

item 001: $250
size: 23 3/4" x 63 3/4"
clear 4" bevel circles, clear reeded glass, steel blue baroque background, zinc channel.

item 006: $150
size: 11 7/8" x 35 3/4"
free hanging copper foil panel.

item 014: $250
size: 23 7/8" x 63 7/8"
contemporary, lead channel.

item 013: $250
size: 23 3/4" x 63 3/4"
clear 4" bevels, clear glue chip glass, lead channel.

item 028: $550
size: 23 3/4" x 63 3/4"
 'optek', single door panel.

item 003: $300
size: 23 7/8" x 63 7/8"
colorful water glass circles in a clear antique background, zinc channel.
non-panel items.

items 077: $30 each
zen garden, 6" x 9" x 1". includes sand, tools, and toys.
please contact about color availability.

item 018: $150
free standing fireplace screen. opaque glasses, white, cream, light gray, teal. three panels, hinged, 3/4" copper channel, and leaded glass. light fixture available for inside fireplace illumination during non-fire use.
dimensions: center panel 38"w, 35 1/2"h at center. 32 3/4"h at hinges. end panels 18"w x 24"h at end. 

item 052: $800
size: 22 1/4" x 57"
wall mounted lightbox display. white/red/black glasses with black half marble jewels.

item 054: $350
wall light utilizing ikea four bulb lamp base. custom glass panel
10 1/4" x  37 1/2".
panel rests 3 3/4" from wall when mounted. unit can be hung vertically or horizontally.
hanging lighting
prices are for the glass only. bulbs and hardware options will vary.

items 031: $55/pair
7" diameter. 50 piece accent lamps. honey amber glass.
sold as a pair only. can be re-wired to suit need.

item 084: $500
15 sides, 255 pieces, 19" diameter, 10" high.
this is a beautiful one of a kind lamp.


item 085: $35
10 sides, 30 pieces
5.5" diameter, 3.5" high
shade only.
an item that i did not make.

item 081: $50
size: 25 3/4" x 65 3/4".
larger image
this panel was replaced with this.

terms of sale:
   these items are guaranteed to be free of breaks and defects, unless noted otherwise. these items are of set dimensions, as posted. any possible changes therein will effect their look and cost. item prices may or may not include delivery and/or installation and can be picked up or delivered, depending on circumstance. items are cleaned and inspected prior to delivery and will be ready as described upon receipt.
contact me with questions or to see these items.
please note the item number. reasonable offers will be considered.
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