bevel cluster panels


   bevel clusters offer an elegant bevel panel with lower cost by using imported clusters of pre-determined size and style. with hundreds to choose from, bevel clusters give the client many options for a classic look that's all their own, yet less costly than custom beveled projects, as well as a step up from mass produced imported hardware store panels.
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bevels, jewels, and clear antique glass in second story window over entry doors.

additional work in this house.

traditional glue chipped cluster
with 1" floating bevel border.



very popular '34L' cluster.

4 all bevel diamond windows with 2 sidelights, using stock bevels. 6 panel set.


infinity bevel clusters amid many bevel elements.

three interior panels adorn staircase.

four panel bathtub set.

double door entry.


elegant single door with accompanying sidelight panels.
see more bevel cluster panels.
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