door, wall, pendant, and ceiling mounted lights add a new dimension to ambient lighting. photo colors may vary. these items need to be seen in person to fully comprehend them.
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pair of wall mounted lights. blue with medium and light amber.
these are for sale.
four sided pendant lamp, measuring 5" x 5" x 8".

illuminated with full range dimmer control. finished size: 22" x 57" x 4"
wall mounted. this item is for sale.

10" x 62" corner mounted lightbox.
can also be mounted
horizontally along ceiling.
this item is for sale.

26" x 67" door panel project. a shallow lightbox is mounted on the interior of the door for night time illumination. think of it as an exterior door lamp. a timer and dimmer control add a new look to door mounted art glass panels.

custom glass panel wall light.
this item is for sale.

8" x 8" x 6"tall table night light.
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