sample repairs


here are just a few of the many items i have repaired.
click an image to see repairs in work or a larger image.

custom glue chip repair.

damaged door panel.

decomposing panels.

7 broken pieces.

church panels collapse.

crazy person is crazy!

multiple breakage

child kicks panel.
yeah, it was a boy. how'd you guess?

disintegrating panel.

cluster of broken pieces

several broken door pieces. twice broken!

broken pieces in several door panels.

church window vandalism.

wrestling this thing was no fun. luckily, the broken pieces were close to the edge.

several panels needed repair.

broken background piece.

multiple breaks.

multiple breaks in two panels.

panels yield to gravity.

door panel bird break.

two door panels and a large panel re-install.

zinc came panel flexes apart.

panel hanger fails, window hits the floor.

broken panel i originally made in 1990.

self-destructing cabinet panels replaced.

sidelight basketball impact.

the 'tree door' repair.
gary sheffield front door panels repair.

this panel was broken with a soccer ball two days before easter. it was repaired in time.
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sometimes i get asked to repair items not worth the cost of repairing them.
 custom stained glass and repair
site index image gallery repair
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