at times, people have existing art glass that they would like adapted to a different setting. often, existing panels can be resized and relocated from doors to windows, windows to frames, free hanging panels to windows, and the list goes on. i find these projects a challenge and enjoy them very much.
   old stained glass in old frames can be removed and fitted with new border channel, to hang freely or installed in new frames or openings.
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two odd shaped church panels, combined to make one.

large sidelight resized and installed into thermal pane frame and metal door.

large door panel repaired and cut down to fit new smaller fiberglass door.

purple and white glass replaced with clear textured glasses.

trapezoidal panel made into a rectangle for hanging in wooden frame.

panel created from two former sidelights.

new border, jewels, and background glass added to the existing half-circle panel.

church transom downsized, with added bevel border.
 custom stained glass and repair
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