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 custom stained glass and repair

stained glass repair

   i will accept a limited number of repair projects. you must provide images of your broken glasswork, before i can consider the repair.

   in home estimates are free within pinellas county, florida.
   what about outside pinellas county?

   most broken stained or art glass items can be repaired to the same condition as before. i repair stained glass panels, doors, boxes, free-hanging art glass pieces, and lamps. glass items i do not repair.
   i take great pride in repairing your glass piece to your complete satisfaction. i strive for invisible repairs that are unnoticed upon completion.

   please keep in mind: i have no idea if i can repair your art glass or how much it will cost, until i see it.

   send images: email or to my phone.
include a close-up of the broken section/s.
include one of the whole panel/window/item.
if the item is mounted, please include a close-up of where the panel edge meets the mounting, molding, and/or frame.

   also: do you have safety glass along with the art glass panel? if you can touch the art glass from both sides, you do not have safety glass.

   note: matching glass is increasingly difficult to obtain. why? options are few when it's critical to maintain the original design integrity and glass is not available.

   pricing: it's no secret that stained glass is a time extensive and costly art. this is equally true for repairs. there is normally at least two round trip house calls involved as well, with pick-up/uninstall and delivery/reinstall. this graphic fairly depicts average repair prices, although my repair charges average below the listed $495 average:

 custom stained glass and repair

   while in home estimates are free within pinellas county, florida, i charge a non-refundable $50 travel fee/deposit to neighboring counties. this fee will be offset if and when the repair charges are approved and the project proceeds. you can bring the piece to pinellas county, as that would also lower the eventual repair charge.
completed repairs alterations old glass buried in old frames
glass items i do not repair
i recommend safety glass for any art glass exposed to the outside.
 custom stained glass and repair
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