cleaning your art glass

  after awhile, your art glass may collect dirt and other unsightly crud. perhaps your installation has fogged up over the years.

   cleaning and restoring the look of your art glass may be more of a task than you are comfortable with. tearing down, cleaning, and reassembling an installation is a job most home owners find a daunting task. mishandling art glass panels can open up the prospect of unwanted repairs. if you are unsure how to handle such a job, allow me to restore a new look to your tarnished art glass.

   a word of caution: never pressure wash an entry system, especially one with art glass. in most cases, they are not designed to protect against such high pressure. water can and will be forced into places that will cause fogging, running, staining, and damage to the wood doors, sidelight, and jamb areas.
   inexperienced pressure washing of your house can force water into the walls and other areas that will eventually begin to rot out any untreated and manufactured wood products, as well as contribute to mold and other water born contamination organisms.
   leave pressure washing to drive ways and other paved areas and wash your house the old fashioned way.
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