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while you do have glass work depicted on this web site, can i see more? where's your store? can you send me a full color brochure with pictures and words? i use this web site and personal contact as my only way to show potential customers what i can do for them. clients will receive additional images and such, through email correspondence, custom client pages on this web site, and by phone. i do not have a 'walk in' store. i work out of my home studio and offer 'in your home' service. lower overhead means lower prices for my clients. sorry, no brochures.

i have some art glass i'd like to move from one location and store or ship to a new location. can you do this? yes.

i have art glass work in my doors now, but my sidelights and/or transom have no art glass in them. can you make new panels that will match the existing glass i already have? i have matched and added new glass work to existing installations on many occasions. i can make a no obligation assessment of your current install to determine the next step.

how much does this glass work of yours cost? my work is generally priced by the square foot. however, that varies from $60 - $300 per square foot, depending on complexity of design, glass used, and other less obvious variables. i offer free estimates with prices guaranteed for 30 days.

do you barter? yes.

why do you push safety glass so much? because.

should i pressure wash my entry system? no.

do you make doors? no, i have doors made for me. you are free to have your own doors made or i can facilitate doors to be made for you.

can you appraise some old stained glass i have? do you buy old art glass? sorry, but i have no idea how to appraise anyone else's stained glass, nor do i buy it. i believe an antique dealer would be your best bet. there are many of those in the phone book or found online. there are far too many variables in determining what art glass may be worth. try starting here.
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