packing and crating art glass


    sometimes people move from their home. they would like to take their art glass with them, but may assume it's just not worth the hassle. art glass can be crated and shipped almost anywhere. builders, carpenters, window installers, or art glass artisans can be contracted to install these panels on the receiving end.

    art glass can be packed in simple crates that are light weight and easy to move, yet capable of protecting it's contents. i can usually do this on site with inexpensive materials. your art glass can be uninstalled and crated, then safely stored or shipped to most anywhere. if needed, tempered glass can be custom fit to the openings left behind.

    it's important to remember that art glass panels are heavier and not as strong as standard plate glass. it is easily broken if not handled and packed properly. the expense of having repairs made are far greater than handling the item properly in the first place. do not let just anyone monkey with your art glass. i have repaired many an item mishandled this way.

    before you abandon your art glass installation, perhaps consider a change of location. alterations are often possible to accommodate your old glass to it's new location.
    are you having art glass brought into this area? i can install it for you.

the process of crating and shipping art glass.
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